How to use a Kitchen Chimney? Ultimate Guide of Using a Kitchen Chimney

How to use a Chimney?

Before using a Chimney, please make sure that the chimney is installed such that the gap between the chimney and the gas stove/hob below it is around 2.5ft. This is the optimum distance for perfect and efficient operation of a kitchen chimney.

Using a Kitchen Chimney is pretty simple. You can control your chimney using the switch panel on your chimney. Usually this control panel is on the front glass of your chimney. This switch panel can be Push Button, Touch Control or Gesture Controlled with Motion Sensor. Whatever the access type, you just need to press the right buttons to access whatever function you want your chimney to perform.

Step 1: Plug in the Chimney to a Power Source.

Step 2: Press the Power(On) Icon to turn on your Kitchen Chimney. In case of a Motion Sensor Chimney just wave your hand in front of the switch panel from left to right and your Chimney turns on. 

Step 3: Control the Suction using the Speed Icons.
For Cooking with lesser oil and smoke, operate your Chimney at Low Suction. Use the Low Speed Button for it.
For Cooking with heavy oils and smoke (when you are frying something), use your Kitchen Chimney at higher Suction. Use the High Speed Icon for it.

Step 4: If you need more light to see what you're cooking, your chimney comes with Built in LED Lights. Just turn on these lights using the LED Icons.

Step 5: After you have been using your chimney for a long time for a few days, you ll start to feel that the chimney's suction becomes lower. This is because the chimney has become dirty inside. You need to press the Auto Clean buttons now. Your Chimney will Auto Clean itself either using Water(old chimneys), Heat(updated latest chimneys) or Steam (the most advanced cleaning till date - brought to you in India only by Ventair - highly efficient cleaning in just 3 minutes combining the benefits of both water and heat). 

Step 6: To turn off your chimney, press the Power(Off) icon or if using a motion sensor chimney, wave your hand from right to left in front of the switch panel of your chimney. 

Watch the video below of 'HOW TO USE A CHIMNEY'!

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