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Aqua Ayush (RO+Herbal) Water Purifier

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Ventair brings to you Extra-ordinary India's Revolutionary RO Water Purifiers with Herbal Anti-Oxidant Technology, that is, added goodness of Ayurvedic Ingredients. Proudly Made in India, Aqua Ayush is one of the Best RO Water Purifier in India. It looks gorgeous, and gives you pure and healthy water.

Technically Speaking

  • Material: ABS Body
  • Storage Capacity: 12L
  • Max Filtration Capacity: 12L/hr
  • Wall Hanging/Table Top Body
  • Advanced Purification
  • Basic Filtration: Spun + High Quality Sediment + Carbon Block
  • Premium Filtration: RO + Alkaline (that is Anti-Oxidant Technology) Herbal Filter
  • RO Membrane: 80GPD Ventair TFC RO Membrane
  • Booster Pump: 100 GPD
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product
  • Special Features: Antioxidant Herbal Filter, that is, added goodness of Ayurvedic Ingredients in your water.


The antioxidant herbal filler comes with the added goodness of herbs and ayurvedic ingredients in your pure water. It helps improve the immune system of your body.


This RO Water Purifier comes with Advanced Filtration to give you pure and Healthy Water. The Basic Filtrations include Spun, High Quality Sediment and Carbon Block Filter. Premium Filtrations include RO and Alkaline Herbal Filter (that is latest Anti-Oxidant Technology) 


This RO Water Purifier comes with a really beautiful design. The first time we saw it, we had our jaws dropped.