Orchid India's First Steam Auto Clean Chimney by Ventair
India's First Steam Auto Clean Chimneys by Ventair
Orchid Steam Auto Clean Chimney Baffle Filter
Feather Touch Control by Ventair
Steam Auto Clean Technology
Powerful Suction

Orchid Steam Auto Clean Chimney (1400 m3h, Feather Touch Control, 60cm, 11° Baffle Filter)

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Ventair brings to you India's First Steam Autoclean Chimney, Orchid. Proudly Made in India, with top quality construction and a design that will elevate your kitchen environment for years to come, Orchid is one of the most powerful 60cm kitchen chimneys in India. It looks elite, works great clearing all the smoke in your kitchen with its strong 1400 m3/hr suction.

Technically Speaking

  • Material: Decorative SS Hood and SS Body with Tempered Glass
  • Size: 60 cm
  • Filter: 11 Degree Inclined Baffle Filter
  • Maximum Suction: 1400 m3/hr
  • Switch: Feather Touch Control
  • Lights: Energy Efficient 2x1.5W LED Lights
  • Noise Level: Less than 62 dBA
  • Special Features: 4th Generation Steam Auto Clean Technology
  • Oil Collector: Yes (Stainless Steel)
  • Dimensions: 600x450x470 mm
  • Diameter of Air Outlet: 150mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product and 5 Years Lifetime Warranty on Motor

India's First 4th Generation Steam Auto Clean Chimneys by Ventair

We all know that steam is the best cleanser. This is true even for chimneys. Ventair brings to you Chimneys with India's 1st and Only Steam Auto Clean Technology. It combines the best of Heat and Water (previous generations of cleaning) and gives the best result with efficiency and speed. As we say - NO MESS, NO STRESS, JUST 3 MINS TO AUTO FRESH

11 Degree Inclined Baffle Filter with SS Oil Collector

11° Baffle Filter with SS Oil Collector

The double layers of the Baffle Filter effectively traps the heavy oil and grease. Ventair has specially designed its so that it is inclined at an 11 degree angle which directs the oil and grime into the oil collector, thus preventing the oil from dripping on the kitchen surface. The 100% stainless steel oil collector is rust-free and strong. It is also detachable and easy to clean, thus reducing maintenance.

Powerful Suction

This chimney has a very powerful maximum suction capacity of 1400 m3/hour. So it can effectively draw-in smoke and fumes from your kitchen. It has a  wide suction chamber which effectively covers all the area above your burner stove, thus offering you a clean and healthy cooking environment.

Feather Touch Control

Feather Touch Control

This Ventair kitchen chimney is very quick and easy to operate. This chimney comes with a feather touch control panel which protects you from any chances of electric shocks and gives your chimney an elegant look too. You can use the multiple speed settings to conveniently adjust the chimney power as per your cooking style.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

Energy Efficient LED Lights

This Chimney is fitted with two energy-efficient LED lamps with minimal power consumption. This improves the kitchen lighting by brightening the area above your burner stove thus providing enhanced visibility while cooking.

Low Noise Level

Low Noise Level

This Ventair Chimney produces noise at less than 62 dBA (Same as that of a normal conversation).