Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimneys - Which is better?

Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimneys - Which is Better?

We are surprised by how many times we are asked this question - which chimney is better - Baffle Filter or Filterless Chimney? And we are also surprised by how very few people know the correct answer. So here you go. The absolutely correct answer to which chimney is better - Baffle Filter or Filterless. Its BAFFLE FILTER! BAFFLE FILTER IS DEFINITELY BETTER THAT FILTERLESS CHIMNEYS!

For Standard Decorative Chimneys (image below):

Baffle Filter Chimney

Reason 1: For any Chimney where the filter is in a horizontal position (from 0°-45° approx), Baffle Filter Chimneys are always better than Filterless Chimneys. The job of the filter is to block the heavy oil particles from entering the chimney and getting stuck inside it. This function is performed most efficiently by baffle filters as in baffle filters, the oil gets trapped between the double layers (curved panels) of the filter.
Now if the filter is completely horizontal(flat) or at 0°, as soon as the filter gets filled, oil will drip on the kitchen counter.
For this reason, Ventair has specially designed 11° inclined Baffle Filters so that the angle (towards the back) makes the trapped oils directly flow into the oil container at the backside of the kitchen chimney
This is better than Filterless(Net type Filters) Chimneys because they don't have any option to trap the oil as they don't have 2 layers. This makes the oil drip on the kitchen counter even if the filter is at an angle. 

Reason 2: The job of a filter even in a chimney is to filter all the oil and dirt it's level best and not let it enter the chimney. For a Filterless Chimney, since there is no effective filter mechanism, all the oil and dirt get stuck inside the chimney(that is, the motor and the blower of the chimney). This stops them from working at their full potential meaning lesser suction. So you have to clean the Filterless chimney more often if you want optimum performance.
But in case of a Baffle Filter Chimney, the Filter does it's job well and helps the chimney work at its best performance, higher Suction for a longer time. So in this case too, Baffle Filter Chimneys are better than Filterless Chimneys.

For Vertical Chimneys (image below):


Vertical Filterless Chimney


But in case of a Vertical Chimney ( filters at angles approx 75°-90°), Filterless are a good option. In fact, in this case the type of filter doesn't matter because the angle of the filter makes the oil directly drip into the oil container.

Watch the video below to understand better!

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