Q. Why should I buy a Ventair Chimney?

A. Ventair Chimneys are designed and proudly made in India keeping in mind the Indian cooking style. Ventair has India's First Voice Controlled Chimneys, India's First Musical Chimneys, India's First Smart Clean Chimneys and so much more  variety. The quality of Ventair Chimneys are very good and in compliance with ISO 9001. Ventair has the best after sales service all over the country to take care of your needs.

Q. How does a Kitchen Chimney work?

A. The job of a Kitchen Chimney is to suck the smoke and steam coming out of your cooking pan and simultaneously get rid of it keeping the kitchen odourless, smokefree, oilfree and healthy. 

Q. What should be the distance between my stove and the chimney?

A. There should be a gap of 2.5-3 ft gap between your standard chimney and your gas stove. It may vary however depending on the shape of the chimney. So we recommend you to check your instruction manual for it. 

Q. Who will install the chimney at my home?

A. You may contact our helpline at 9163315725 or write a mail at to get the chimney installed and the request will be assigned to a service center in your area who will send a service person to install the chimney.

Q. Which is better? Baffle Filter or Filterless Chimney?

A. For Standard Curved Glass or T-Shaped Chimneys, Baffle Filter is always better than Filterless Chimneys.
For any Chimney where the filter is in a horizontal position (from 0°-45° approx), Baffle Filter Chimneys are always better than Filterless Chimneys. The job of the filter is to block the heavy oil particles from entering the chimney and getting stuck inside it. This function is performed most efficiently by Baffle Filters. The oil gets trapped between the double layers (curved panels) of the filter. Now if the filter is completely horizontal or at 0°, as soon as the filter gets filled, oil will drip on the kitchen counter. For this reason, Ventair has specially designed 11° Inclined Baffle Filters so that the angle makes the trapped oils can directly flow into the oil container at the backside of the chimney. This is better than Filterless(Net type Filters) Chimneys because they don't have any option to trap the oil as they don't have 2 layers. This makes the oil drip on the kitchen counter even if the filter is at an angle. But in case of a Vertical Chimney ( filters at angles approx 75°-90°), Filterless are a good option. The oil can directly drip into the oil container.

Q. What is Auto Clean Chimney? Why is Auto Clean Chimney better?

A. After sucking in the oil and smoke from your kitchen for a long time, the insides of your chimney get dirty. This prevents the chimney from working at its full potential as grime and oil get stuck on the motor and blower inside the chimney. That is why chimneys need internal cleaning from time to time. To automate this internal cleaning process, chimneys come with auto clean function. All you have to do is press the autoclean button and the chimney works its magic. To watch the video, click here.

Q. What is Smart Auto Clean Chimney?

A. Your Ventair Chimneys come with Smart Auto Clean function. Your chimney reminds you on it's own when it needs cleaning. You can just press the auto clean button as per your convenience and the chimneys works its magic. To watch the video, click here.

Q. How frequently does my chimney need servicing?

A.  Despite the auto clean function, it is suggested that you service your chimney from time to time. Depending on the usage, you may need expert servicing every 3-4 months. 

Q. What is Musical Auto Clean Chimney?

A. Ventair is the only brand in India to introduce Musical Chimneys in India with radio and bluetooth features to provide you entertainment in your kitchen so that you can listen to songs, podacasts and recipes while cooking. To watch the video, click here.

Q. How much power/energy does a chimney consume?

A. Different models have different energy consumption, based on suction, lamps used. Check the model specifications section for more details.

Q. What is 5th Generation Chimney? What is Voice Enabled Chimney?

A. Ventair is the first brand in India to introduce Voice Enabled Chimneys. You can now control your chimney with your voice. 

Q. What size chimney shall I buy?

A. Depending on the size of your kitchen, size of your gas stove and space where your chimney will get fitted, you can to choose between 60cm / 75cm / 90cm chimneys.

Q. What is suction capacity of a chimney?

A. Suction Capacity of a chimney is the capacity of a chimney to suck smoke from your kitchen. The more the suction capacity the better the working of the chimney. It is measured in m3/hr. 

Q. Why should I buy Ventair Chimney Installation Kit?

A. There can be many compelling reasons to buy Ventair Chimney Installation Kit, few are listed here:

  • The kit includes all accessories which are required for installation. You don't have to look elsewhere.
  • The kit includes Made in India Hard Durable Aluminium Pipe which is sturdy and long lasting and plastic cowl.
  • You can add it to cart while placing order for the chimney.
  • No need to negotiate for the price as you book at the discounted price.

Q. What are the items in Ventair Chimney Installation Kit?

A. The installation kit will consist of hard durable aluminum duct pipe (expandable upto 9/10 feet) and cowl cover.

Q. Can I get a custom made Aluminium Pipe as per my size requirement?

A. Yes. You may contact us at 9163315725 or mail us at with your requirements.

Q. Does the Installation Kit come free with the chimney?

A. No, the installation kit is an additional accessory and needs to be bought separately.


Q. Why do I need a Ventair RO Water Purifier?

A. Ventair gives you the purest water from our latest Anti-oxidant RO Water Purifiers. We have Alkaline Herbal RO Water Purifiers (added goodness of ayurvedic ingredients to boost your immune system), Alkaline RO Water Purifiers with Active Copper Technology, India's Revolutionary DIY RO Purifiers and so much more. We also have an All-India Service Centre Network to fulfill all your needs post sale.

Q. What is the TDS?

A. The choice of a water purifier depends on the quality of water you are getting in your tap. To do that, you need to check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of your water. If the TDS level is low, then a standard RO water purifier would do. However, if your water is groundwater supplied by tankers or groundwater from borewells and TDS levels are high, you should buy a water purifier with advanced filtration. Very low TDS is also not good as your body needs a few good minerals. 

Q. What is the use of Pre Carbon Block Filters?

A. Pre Carbon Filters help remove the bad taste, colour, chlorine and bad odour from the water. Hence they are a must have.

Q. What is Alkaline RO Water Purifier? 

A. A unique and most advanced technology for water purification in India is Anti-Oxidant Technology. Antioxidant Alkaline RO filter purifies water from the toughest of impurities and maintains TDS without mixing pure and impure water. Instead it persistently maintains natural minerals essential for human body Making the healthiest, tastiest and purest water.

Q. What is the benefit of Sediment Filter?

A. Sediment is the most basic purification step. It has a very high dirt holding capacity and is a necessary step of purification. 

Q. What is the benefit of UV in a Water Purifier?

A. UV kills Bateria present in the water.

Q. What is the use of UF Filter in a Water Purifier?

A. UF purification eliminates the need to use disinfectants to make water safe.

Q. Why do I need a RO Water Purifier?

A. RO or Reverse Osmosis is one of the most advanced water purification technologies. It removes a large majority of contaminants from the water and makes drinking water pure and safe. 

Q. What is Ventair's DIY RO Purifier?

A. Ventair brings to you Proudly Made in India RO Water Purifiers with Do-It-yourself Filter Replacement Technology. You don't have to pay hefty service charges to technicians every time you need to change the filters. With Ventair's DIY RO, all you need to do is open the filter container caps at the back of your RO Body and refill them with new filters. No more complicated connections. It's all about doing it yourself! To watch the video, click here.

Q. How frequently do I need to change my RO Purifier's Filters?

A. How frequently you need to change the filters depends of the quality of water in your area. Based on that, different filters have different lifetimes. 

Q. Where should I buy the new filters from?

A. Always use Genuine Ventair Spare Parts in Ventair Water Purifiers. They have been manufactured so as to give you the best results when used properly together. 

Q. Where can I buy the new filters for my RO Water Purifier?

A. You may contact Ventair's Service Centre at Toll Free Number 1800-889-1230 or WhatsApp them at 9163315725 or write them at and state your query. They will be able to give you the best rates for the Water Purifier Spare Parts. 


Q. Why should I buy Ventair Cooktops or Hobs?

A. Here can be many compelling reasons to choose Ventair cooktops for your kitchen: Ventair presents Blueflame technology Stoves and Hobs that helps in saving fuel. Ventair also has innovative Frameless Glass Gas stoves that look sleek and modern. Backed by strong after sales service, manufactured in state of the art modern factory with total safety, Ventair Cooktops and Hobs are the best choice.

Q. Why are Brass Burners a better option?

A. The brass burners can take higher temperatures and have always been used in all high quality Gas Stoves. 

Q. What to do in case of uneven flames?

A. First of all check that the burners are placed properly, then look for any food particles or spillage stuck in the burner. If found, clean it properly without causing any damage. If uneven flames still experienced, contact Ventair customer support for the convenient resolution.

 Q. What is Blue Flame Technology?

A. Ventair Gas Stoves and Gas Hobs come with Blue Blame Technology. This means that blue flames come out of the burners so that cooking is ideal and gas usage is also optimum. 

Q. Why are the burners not working?

A. Make sure you have turned the knob to the right/On position first. Then turn the knob to the desired heat setting after you have a flame. Cooktop or Hob burners are round and have small holes evenly placed around their perimeter. These holes allow gas to flow out and create a controlled flame when lit. Sometimes the gas orifices get plugged and the gas can’t get through to be ignited. The trick is to clean them without making the holes any bigger. You need to clean the burners thoroughly. If, after cleaning the burners, they still don't light, you should call Ventair Authorized Service Centre.

Q. Which utensil should I use with my cooktop/hob ?

A. For lower gas consumption and better productivity, use those utensils which have a diameter suitable for the burners, avoiding the flame coming out of the pan base as that will result in the wastage of gas. Try using flat bottom pans.

Q. If there is any issue in my Ventair Gas Stove/Hob, whom shall I contact?

A. In case of any issue with your Gas Stove/Hob, please contact Ventair's Service Centre.


Q. Why should I buy electric water heater/geyser from Ventair?

A. 4 and 5 star BEE rating which helps you to save electricity, Rust-proof Glass lined tank with 5 year warranty, Glass lined Incoloy heating element with 4 years warranty so that it doesn’t get effected by hard water. Backed by an excellent all-India after sales service and a wide network of dealer/distributors, Ventair water heaters/geysers ensure hassle free operation for a long life.

Q. What capacity geyser shall I buy?

A. For 1-2 person usage, buy 6L/10L Geyser. For 4-5 people usage, buy 15L Geyser. For more that 5 users or for cold climatic conditions, use 25L Geyser. 

Q. Where will the geyser be installed? What is the correct position?

A. It depends as per the provision in the bathroom. In case making a new house, it can be installed outside also. Ventair water heaters are so good looking that in case installed inside these enhance looks of the bathroom.

Q. Will my geyser consume a lot of electricity?

A. Look for 4/5 Star BEE rating to save on the energy. It’s advisable to go for 4/5 star rated products only. Although these will be expensive to buy but the difference in cost can be recovered with 1st year of use by saving the electricity.

Q. What type of Heating Element is used in Ventair Water Heaters?

A. The element in Ventair water heaters is Incoloy and is coated Glass Line to make it rust and corrosion free for long life comes with a 4 year warranty.

Q. What are the safety features in Ventair Water Heaters?

A. Ventair Geysers have Magnesium Anode protection to safeguard the tank. They also come with Pressure release valve and Thermal Cut-out. So all the aspects of the safety are taken into account.


Q. Why should I buy from Ventair?

A. Over the years, VENTAIR has touched over millions satisfied customers through its network of dealers and online market portals. A customer when buys Ventair products from any channel gets the similar treatment and service as we don’t discriminate with customers on the basis from where they have bought as long as it’s from authorized sellers genuine Ventair product.

You can always call our helpline and take the full information and knowledge of the product and visit our website and have all the information and specifications available there. In case you find it convenient, you may place your orders online as it gives you a virtual experience like a showroom with all the products listed and explained properly, has easy payment options and access to our customer care team. On receiving your order depending on the location and requirement, we may get the same delivered through your nearest dealer or directly through courier.

Q. Is your shipping impacted due to Covid?

A. We have resumed deliveries as per the guidelines provided by the Government of India. Considering the extensive restrictions in effect, deliveries to certain pin codes may be restricted or delayed.