India’s leading home and kitchen appliance brand, Ventair, established in 1999, is one of the largest Manufacturing company of Kitchen Chimneys in India making our products proudly MADE IN INDIA. An expert in auto clean kitchen chimneys, Ventair is a style statement. Ventair, a trailblazer in the market, has been honored with many accolades including the prestigious Times Business Award (West Bengal Edition, 2023), recognizing it's outstanding contribution as a leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen chimneys.

Journey of Ventair throughout the year

Ventair is known for introducing innovative products all the time. From India's First 5th Generation Voice Enabled Chimneys, India's First Musical Kitchen Chimneys, India's First Smart Autoclean Chimneys and India's First Steam Auto Clean Chimneys to India's Revolutionary DIY RO Water Purifiers and RO Water Purifiers with Active Copper Technology and Antioxidant Herbal Filters, Ventair keeps designing and making remarkable products for you. To celebrate you. To take care of you. 

Ventair’s QC department undertakes the toughest quality checks which goes down to a screw thus ensuring defect free products in conformity of ISO 9001. Ventair’s after sales service team are busy with the collection of advanced inspiration from our global customers so that each and every customer is guaranteed quality service whenever required. 

Ventair Mission and Vision

With superior quality, competitive price and excellent service, we whole heartedly welcome and look forward to you joining Ventair in our beautiful journey to create brilliance for every home.