Collection: Ventair Voice Enabled 5G Chimneys

India's First and Only Voice Enabled Chimneys by Ventair

Ventair brings to you the extra-ordinary and revolutionary India's First Intelligent Voice Enabled Autoclean Chimneys

Just say Hello Ventair to activate the voice mode. Now use commands like - "High Speed", "Low Speed", "Auto Clean", "Light On", "Light Off" and more to operate the chimney and it will respond and react accordingly. 

As we say - 
Now talk to your Chimney. Because, your Ventair Chimney talks to you!

The world is getting easier and so much more intelligent. Our chimneys shouldn't be left behind! These Ventair 5G chimneys can be controlled by 3 modes - Voice, Motion Sensor and by Touch. Use either or the combination of these modes to operate your chimney!

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