5 Best Chimney Designs for Kitchen - Which is the best looking Chimney in India?

5 Best Kitchen Chimney Designs by Ventair

If you're on a search to make your kitchen the heartthrob of your home, you’re just in the right place. We're about to dive into a world of trending chimney designs that will not only elevate your cooking space but also make your cooking tasks a breeze. We've listed to bring you the 5 best chimney designs that are sure to leave you in awe. Get ready to add some real charm in your kitchen while keeping the air crystal clear! Let's rev up those exhaust fans and dive in.

1. Bharat 5G Music Voice-Enabled Smart Auto-Clean Chimney

Ventair Bharat 5G Music - Voice Enabled Smart Auto Clean Chimney
Kick-starting our list with the 'Bharat 5G Music Voice-Enabled Smart Auto-Clean Chimney.' With voice and motion touch controls that make you feel like you're directing a kitchen orchestra, this sleek 90 cm wonder boasts filterless technology. But that's not all! This chimney comes with a fantastic voice enabled feature, making it super easy to control with just a few simple commands. No more hassle of pressing buttons or struggling to adjust settings! And here's the icing on the cake – the chimney is equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology. So, while you're cooking, you can stay connected to your phone and have a pleasant chat with your loved ones without stepping away from the stove.

Ventair Bharat 5G Music - Voice Enabled Smart Auto Clean Chimney Buy Now
2. Velocity 5G 90 Voice-Enabled Chimney

Ventair Velocity 5G 90 Voice Enabled Chimney

Moving on, the 'Velocity 5G 90 Voice-Enabled Chimney' is like having your kitchen speak your style language. With smart auto-clean technology that senses your needs before you even do, this 1500 m³/h powerhouse makes sure cooking stays aromatic, not smoky. Plus, the motion sensor touch adds a dash of futuristic flair to your cooking haven.

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3. Rose Gold 3G Auto-Clean Chimney

Ventair Rose Gold Auto Clean Chimney
For those who believe that elegance is in the details, the 'Rose Gold 3G Auto-Clean Chimney' is your culinary soul mate. Sporting a lavish rose gold touch and a mesmerizing motion sensor, this 1600 m³/h stunner embraces an 11-degree baffle filter, ensuring your kitchen stays the cleanest.

Ventair Rose Gold Auto Clean Chimney - Buy Now

4. Seven Eleven Voice-Enabled Chimney

Ventair Seven Eleven Voice Enabled Chimney
Welcome the future with open arms through the 'Seven Eleven Voice-Enabled Chimney.' Its smart auto-clean and voice-motion sensor touch controls create a symphony of convenience. Boasting 1500 m³/h suction, this chimney is like having your own invisible chef, ensuring your kitchen's air quality remains top-notch while you focus on being the kitchen master.

Ventair Seven Eleven Voice Enabled Chimney - Buy Now

5. Unicorn 5G Voice Enabled Chimney

Ventair Unicorn 5G Voice Enabled Smart Auto Clean ChimneyWith its sleek design featuring a Matt Black Hood and Body with Tempered Glass, Ventair Unicorn 5G Voice Enabled 5G Chimney not only adds style to your kitchen but also packs a powerful punch. Powered by Thermal Auto Clean Technology and Filterless technology, it boasts a maximum suction capacity of 1600 m3/hr, ensuring your kitchen remains smoke and odor-free. What sets this chimney apart is its innovative control options - it responds to your voice commands, uses motion sensor technology, and offers feather touch control for effortless operation.

Ventair Supremo Auto Clean Chimney - Buy Now

6. Art 3G Smart Auto Clean Chimney

Image Art 3G Smart Auto Clean Chimney

Art 3G Smart Auto Clean Chimney – where style meets innovation is a masterpiece that boasts a sleek design. Controlling this marvel is a breeze with Motion Sensor + Feather Touch Control. But what truly sets it apart is its slim L-shaped design and Smart Clean Technology. The stainless steel oil collector ensures easy maintenance, while the dimensions of 900x350x1000 mm and 150mm air outlet diameter make it a perfect fit for any kitchen.

Ventair Supremo Auto Clean Chimney - Buy Now
7. Innova Music 60 Musical Smart Auto Clean Chimney

Ventair Innova Music 60 Musical Smart Auto Clean Chimney
Get ready to be astonished by the Ventair Innova Music 60 – the sole musical auto-clean kitchen chimney in India! Sporting a powerful 1200 m3/hr maximum suction capacity, a copper motor, and innovative smart dry heat auto-cleaning technology, this chimney stands as a clear victor. But that's not all – it comes with an added dose of enjoyment with its built-in radio and Bluetooth capabilities! That's correct – you can now cook, sway to your preferred melodies, and even stay up-to-date with podcasts.

Ventair Supremo Auto Clean Chimney - Buy Now
So, which of these chimneys is the 'best looking' in India? Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, or should we say, the cook? Each design brings its unique charm and functionality to the table (or stove, in this case). Your choice depends on your kitchen's vibe, your cooking style, and, of course, your personal flair.

In conclusion, a stylish chimney isn't just a cooking essential; it's a culinary statement. These 5 chimney designs from Ventair India offer more than just a smoke-free haven—they infuse personality and elegance into your cooking space. So go ahead, pick the one that resonates with your inner chef and let your kitchen shine brighter than ever before! Happy cooking and happy styling!

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