Kitchen Chimney Installation - Factors to Consider before installing a Chimney - The Ultimate Chimney Installation Guide

Unlike other larger electrical appliances, chimneys are often ignored by many house owners in the kitchen design process. This becomes quite an issue when we later go to install the chimney but realise enough space has not been left for the chimney or we have not properly planned the ducting of the chimney. 

So, you must realise that whether you are first time user or not you should always make a proper planning of its installation much before buying a chimney.

The factors you need to consider at first? Ah, here you go!


Okay, so a chimney is fitted directly above the gas stove. Hence, it should be installed such that it covers the gas stove so that it is able suck all the fumes and smoke (Bigger the chimney size, bigger is the suction area). So, decide how many burners gas stove you'll use. If it's a 1-2 burner use a 2ft or 60cm chimney. If you are using a 2-3 burner gas stove, you can use a 2.5ft or 75cm chimney too. For a 3-5 burner gas stove, always buy a 3ft or 90cm chimney. 

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Check the chimney brand recommended minimum distance between the hood and cooktop. For Ventair Chimneys, it is around 2.5ft.


Make sure you have an outlet for the duct that will come out of your chimney. Usually brands recommend customers to get a duct size hole to be cut on the kitchen wall from where they will outlet the duct.

You must also decide the kind of duct you want to use. You have 3 options - Plastic Pipe, Aluminium Foil Pipe and Hard Aluminium Duct Pipe. If you ask me, I will always recommend Hard Aluminium Duct Pipe because it is durable and long lasting. Ventair, one of the leading chimney brand and manufacturer in India, also manufactures the best quality Hard Aluminium Duct Pipe. You may contact Ventair Customer Care at 9163315725 for more details. 


If you're replacing your old chimney there's no need for creating any new power socket board. But if you're using a chimney for the 1st time, then make sure you have proper electric source. You will need a 3 pin socket plug set maximum 1m from the chimney. 

The process is simple and we recommend you to always read the brand's instruction manual before going ahead. For Ventair, the instruction manual is within the chimney's box. Ventair recommends you to get your chimney installation done by their certified Service Engineers so that you can get the most of any warranty benefits in case of any malfunction. This is good because Ventair has a robust Customer Care Network all over India and prompt service technicians who are ready to help you out when needed. 

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If you have any more question regarding Kitchen Chimney Installation, please post it in the comment section below. We'll reach out to you. 

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