Why your home needs a Kitchen Chimney? Benefits of a Kitchen Chimney

Why your home needs a kitchen chimney - best kitchen chimney

Cooking is usually quite tiring and tedious. I mean even if you love cooking, you have to agree that the heat, the smoke, the steam, the odour, the oil, the grease and grime and (most horrific) the sweat because of all this is not desirable at all. Not to mention the health hazards of breathing in the smoke of cooking.

Earlier, this was accepted as a side-effect of cooking and not much could be done except for putting an exhaust fan in the kitchen - which didn't really solve anything. 

With changing times however, people have realised the importance of Kitchen Chimneys and how they prevent all the above problems. People have become aware of the health hazards in a kitchen with no proper ventilation and how important is the role of Kitchen Chimneys here. Kitchen chimneys have steadily become a great necessity in a modern kitchen. 

Why you need a Kitchen Chimney?

1. When there is no proper ventilation to suck out the smoke as a result of cooking, a Kitchen Chimney in needed. This smoke is very harmful and injurious to our lungs and if inhaled for long time, it can cause a variety of diseases like bronchitis, cough, and allergy. It is also very dangerous for people suffering from asthma or other heart ailments. Since we are already suffering from outdoor pollution every day, it is essential that we keep our indoor air pollution free. And chimneys help us with that. 

2. Generally placed right above the gas stove, a Kitchen Chimney sucks all the smoke, odour and oil thereby preventing the walls of the kitchen from getting darkened with grease and grime. Regular use of Kitchen Chimney also reduces the temperature inside the kitchen and keeps it cool.

Watch the video below to know the benefits of using a Kitchen Chimney in your home!

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