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Manual Vs Auto Clean Chimneys - Which is better?

Okay, so this is another most frequently asked around question regarding chimneys - Manual vs Auto Clean Chimneys? Don't ponder much! We've got the correct answer for you. 

Alright, so earlier manual clean chimneys were widely used by people because of their lower cost. But with advancement of technology, auto clean chimneys have almost replaced them. And that is quite obvious considering the fact that Auto Clean Chimneys are so much easier to handle and maintain than manual chimneys. 

Though both manual and auto clean chimneys are capable of removing smoke and polluted air from the kitchen, the maintenance of an auto clean chimney is very less. This is because, auto clean chimneys, on just the press of a button, will internally clean your chimney (using water/heat/steam) and outlet all the dirt and grease and oil into the oil collector.
Whereas, in the manual clean system the chimney has to be self-cleaned on a regular basis removing the dust and oil not only from the chimney surface but also from inside (the horror!). 

Truthfully speaking, we all lead very busy lives and to remember to call technicians/mechanics every 3-4 weeks to clean the chimney from inside (which also takes about 1 hour or so) is pretty much not possible for almost anyone now. I mean, how much you save by buying a Manual Chimney is compensated by calling the technicians so frequently in 1-2 years itself.

Not to mention, that the suction power in the manual chimneys greatly reduce with time due to oil clogging as it is not very easy to completely remove all dust and oil particles from the filters and internal part of motor. 

Because of these reasons, the maintenance, longevity and durability of auto clean chimneys is obviously much better than the manual chimneys. Manual chimneys though are cheaper in price but from overall prospective auto clean chimneys are always better in the long run with increased life span, thus  purchasing an auto clean chimney is worth your money.

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You know Auto Clean Chimneys are better (obviously). But do you know which Auto Clean Chimney is better (meaning auto clean with water or heat or steam)? There is some serious consideration here. Don't worry though. I'll tell you all about it.

So, Water Auto Clean Chimneys as we call the 2nd Generation of Kitchen Chimneys, were introduced in India by Ventair in 2004. Here the autoclean process happened with water(clearly!). It took just 20 secs or so for this, because the kitchen would get drenched in water if it was continued longer. This was not so efficient because water could not easily to remove the oil and grease that was stuck inside the chimney!

Hence, Ventair, India's Best Brand for Kitchen Chimneys, launched India's First Dry Heat Auto Clean Chimneys, the 3rd Generation of Chimneys in 2012. This was a better solution because heat melts the oil and grease that's stuck inside and offered much much better cleaning. But again, this process takes around 15 minutes or so. To buy at Ventair's 3rd Generation Chimneys at Ventair's Official Website, Click HERE ! Ventair has a wide variety with special features like Radio and Bluetooth too (See the images below)

Ventair Musical Autoclean Chimneys    

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So, in 2014, again Ventair introduced India's First Steam Auto Clean Chimneys (4th Generation Chimneys TADA!). Steam turns out to be the best combination for cleaning Chimneys because it combines the best of both heat and water! Like heat, it is able to melt the oil and grease and like water it is able to wash it down more efficiently into the oil collector. Like water, it is also a very fast cleaning process! As we say, NO STRESS, NO MESS, JUST 3 MINS TO AUTO FRESH! Even after all these years, Ventair is the only brand in India with Steam Auto Clean Chimneys! To buy at Ventair's Official Website, Click HERE!

 Ventair Steam Auto Clean Chimneys 

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Wait! Just wanted to add another thing here! Ventair has also introduced India's First Smart Auto Clean Chimneys in 2020! Which means, you don't even need to remember when to auto clean your chimney! Based on your cooking and duration, your smart Ventair Chimney will remind you on it's own when it needs cleaning! So that AWESOMETo buy at Ventair's Official Website, Click HERE!

Ventair Smart Autoclean Chimney

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Okay then, I hope it's all clear now! Still, if you want to know something, put it in the comments section below and we'll do our best to give you the perfect answer!



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