Auto Clean Chimneys vs Baffle Filter Chimneys - Which is Better?

I have heard so many people asking this question - Auto Clean Chimneys vs Baffle Filter Chimneys - Which is better?
So, for once and for all I am going to clear all your doubts and myths related to this topic! Here goes!

Let me start by saying that Auto Clean Function and Baffle Filter Feature are completely unrelated topics! I mean, these are 2 completely different matters - which is why it surprises me so much when people ask me this question. 


Auto Clean function of a chimney means that in one press of the auto clean button on your chimney, it will start it's internal cleansing process. This means that you no longer have to manually clean the internal parts of the chimney every week. Just press the Auto Clean Button, and the chimney will work it's magic!

This means, that you have basically 2 options here - Manual Chimneys or Auto Clean Chimneys!

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It is noteworthy that Ventair (One of the largest brands for Kitchen Chimneys in India) has introduced India's First and Only Smart Auto Clean Chimneys. That is, your chimney will remind you on it's own when it needs cleaning.
Ventair has also introduced India's First and Only Steam Auto Clean Chimneys - the latest and the most advanced auto clean process!


On the other hand, Baffle Filter is the type of filter the chimney has. Different Chimneys have different types of Filters -  Baffle Filters, Filterless, Casette Filters, Mesh Filters, etc. If you ask me, I would always suggest Baffle Filters. Infact, I would suggest Ventair Chimneys with special 11 Degree Baffle Filters because they need least maintenance and also have least oil dripping chances as compared to any other types of filters. 

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So, you must clearly understand now that Baffle Filter Feature and Auto Clean Function are not related to each other in any way. Infact they are the best combination for Standard Chimneys for Indian Kitchens!

Ventair has the best range of Auto Clean Baffle Filter Chimneys in India. Made in India, these chimneys are specially designed keeping the Indians consumers and their cooking style in mind. You will get the best range of chimneys - even India's One and Only Voice Enabled Chimneys and Musical Auto Clean Chimneys in Ventair!

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If you have any more questions or queries, do not hesitate to reach us out in the comment section below! We'll be glad to help you. 


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