Best Low Noise (Silent) Chimney in India

Best Low Noise (Silent) Chimney in India

One of the major reasons why people avoid having Kitchen Chimneys at home is that Chimneys make a lot of noise! We all know the
benefits of having a Kitchen Chimney at home but if only there was a way to fight the noise of a chimney! Your kitchen is overrun with noise from appliances with strong engines. It is impossible to mute a mixer grinder or a pressure cooker, but what if we tell you that you can have a chimney that makes nearly no noise at all? Introducing the best low-noise (Silent) BLDC Motor Auto Clean Chimney in India - Emerld from the company that created the country's First Smart Clean Technology chimneys and so much more!

Emerald Silent Autoclean Chimney by Ventair

Let us first discuss its advantages before moving on.

When using our Ventair Chimney Emerald, you'll have-

  • Excellent functionality and outlook 
  • Low noise - 32% Less Noise; practically nonexistent at low speed
  • Strong 1890 m3/hr suction power, no smoke or odor will be noticed
  • Motion Sensor - just wave your hand in front of the chimney to use it!
  • LED bulbs that provide adequate lighting while you cook
  • Revolutionary Silent BLDC Motor - Upto 80% Energy Saving
  • MEGA WARRANTY - 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product & 10 Years Warranty on Motor
  • 9 Speed Levels to choose the suction as per your requirement

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Let's learn more about Emerald now!

A cutting-edge technology in the Emerald minimizes noise to the point that it is essentially silent or noiseless. It lowers noise levels without sacrificing performance, placing it at the top of the list of India's best silent chimneys. In fact, this chimney has to be one of the highest suction 90cm chimneys in India! Your kitchen will look classy thanks to its Gray Glass Hood and Carbon Gray Body with Tempered Glass. This Ventair Chimney is super silent and makes 32% less noise.  It also comes with variable 9 Speed Levels to choose the suction as per your requirement. You can also adjust the speed from 9 options to match how you cook. This Ventair Chimney is super silent and makes 32% less noise. It is just the chimney for you to provide you a peaceful cooking experience. This chimney is extremely strong and can bring in a lot of air, approximately 1890 cubic meters every hour (Possible the highest in the market!).

Additionally, it includes Reversed Baffle Filter, i.e, so that all the greasy smoke gets sucked in directly and into the oil collector. The 100% metallic oil collector is sturdy and strong. It is also detachable and easy to clean, thus reducing maintenance. The chimney has 3 W LED lights installed in it to help you cook, and it has touch controls and a motion sensor for simple operation. Its dimensions of 900x430x525mm are ideal for constructing a small to medium-sized kitchen. In order to keep the kitchen smoke-free, the chimney collects all of the smoke, grease, and oil from all directions.

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However, please feel free to contact us in the comment box below if you have any further questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you. To buy Ventair’s Silent Chimney for your home, connect with us on call/via WhatsApp at 9163315728/40.

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