How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Chimney in India? The Ultimate Chimney Buying Guide

How to Select a Kitchen Chimney? The Ultimate Guide

We all know that in Indian Kitchens, cooking always involves a lot of smoke and oil (after all, we are famous for our spices and ghee and oil). While the food turns out very tasty, the process in which this happens is not so good - neither for the kitchen environment, nor for your lungs. The grime and oil get stuck on the walls of the chimney and damage your tiles. The polluted smoky kitchen air that you breathe is truly not good for you. We all realize this and accept the need of a Kitchen Chimney as a necessity in our kitchens.

But the most important question which every one struggles with is - which chimney to select? Which chimney is perfect for your kitchen? There are so many options everywhere and every one has such different opinions! So, here you go! The Ultimate Chimney Buying Guide for your home!

They first question I see most people ponder about is the FILTER TYPE. The main contenders are Baffle Filter Chimneys and Filterless Chimneys. The rest, like Chimneys with Mesh Filters and Carbon Filters are not very suitable for Indian Cooking.
In my opinion, if you cook Indian food with spices and oil, there is no chimney better than 11 degree inclined baffle filter chimney for your kitchen for the reasons listed below -
1. Least Maintenance - because most of the filtering is done by Baffle Filters. So the insides of the chimneys remain cleaner for longer. 
2. Least Oil Dripping on the Kitchen Counter - because of the curved panel structure of the baffle filters, most oil is trapped and directly flows into the oil collector  whereas in filterless there are higher chances of oil dripping on the counter. 

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If you cook with very very little oil and spices though, filterless could be an option. 

Next, comes the SIZE of the Chimney. Okay, so chimneys are available in 3 sizes - 60cm, 75cm and 90cm
If the space above your Gas Stove where you'll fit your chimney is less than 74cm - choose 60cm chimney. If it is less than 89cm, choose either 75cm or 60cm chimneys. If it is more than 90cm - choose a 90cm Chimney.

With size sorted, we'll choose SUCTION POWER. The capacity of a chimney to suck smoke and oil particles is its suction power. It is measured in cubic meter per hour i.e. m3/hr. In the easiest explanation, higher the suction power, better the working of the chimney as it means it sucks oil and smoke more strongly. Some good suction powers are 1200 m3/hr, 1400 m3/hr, 1600 m3/hr. Now if you have a medium to large kitchen or you cook fried foods regularly, i would recommend buying high suction power chimneys.

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Next up - MAINTENANCE:  It is always advisable to go for chimneys which require less maintenance. Auto clean chimneys are ideal from this point of view as there is no hassle regarding its cleaning. You should know, Ventair, a Made in India Chimney brand (one of the best brands for chimneys in India) has introduced India's First Smart Auto Clean Chimneys - that means, you don't need to remember when to auto clean your chimney. Based on your cooking and frequency, your chimney will remind you on it's own when it needs cleaning. So that's pretty cool. Click here to see the best Smart Clean Collection of Chimney!

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Obviously, WARRANTY & AFTER SALES SERVICE is very important too.  Always buy Chimneys from reputed and trusted brands like Ventair. They offer you the best warranty and after sales service and keep you happy longer!

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Last but not the least - PRICE. In my opinion, Chimney is an appliance you buy once in 7-10 years. So invest good money in it. Set aside a nice budget for your chimney because it is going to be with you for a very long time if chosen wisely.

If you like new, innovative and different products like me, you must choose Ventair's Musical Auto Clean Chimneys- First Time in India. For your entertainment in the kitchen, they come with inbuilt Radio and Bluetooth Features! You can now listen to your favourite songs, your favourite recipes and what not from your chimney itself! 

 We are Indians. Shouldn't we use Chimneys MADE IN INDIA, by Indians, for Indians and keeping Indian Kitchens in mind? Buy Ventair - Made in India Chimneys Now!

If there is something more you want to know or if there is anything else that can help you select the best chimney for your kitchen, do not hesitate to put it in the comments section below! 

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